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Know your subject, know the client

A long time ago I worked on this website. It was easy to do once I got what I am selling. But it was really difficult to figure out what it is I am selling. I see it as a crucial part of every design process: to figure out what the business is offering, who…

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UX UI design for startups in real life

Coming from an art and design academy I was very eager and naive about design processes in general. Working at design agencies shattered my academic perception of design process. After a few years in different design agencies, when I switched to startups and digital product design (aka UX UI) I’ve noticed, again, that I have…

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Application overdose

Is it just me, or are there too many apps on my phone? Is it just me, or that every service I use has an app and pushes me to install it and use it. Is it just me, or my attention is filled with notifications from multiple sources and I cannot differentiate between the…


Order in everything

Design is all about decisions and rules. How many you create, how many you break is really up to you, your personal taste, style and vision. The one parameter that can heavily change the attitude and the nature of any design work is time. If the deadline is short – less work can be made…


How to manage a multilingual webfont

State of affairs: we have a multi-lingual web-project. We needed a freeware web font, free or cheap software for font editing and a way to do it all from our office, without any third parties. We started off FTBpro.com with a cool web-font in mind – Days. The font had the most potential and our website’s design relied on it…