UI concept design for a big data security and analytics system
MinerEye Big data represented as a 3D model
Big data represented as a 3D model
MinerEye is a pioneer in interpretive data classification and has reimagined a completely new way to identify data by its essence. Employing advanced computer vision and machine learning technologies, MinerEye offers the most comprehensive vehicle for tracking organizations’ sensitive data.
My role
I created a graphic concept for the first version of MinerEye’s product for HD desktop screens. The design of the main data research screen was similar to GoogleMaps, with address on the top-left, tasks on the bottom and the map of data in the middle section. There were around 40 screens in the concept and over 20 custom icons.

As a part of the project, I also crafted a logo and a website design, after the product graphic concept was approved.
MinerEye Overview of all of the data in the system
Overview of all of the data in the system
Use cases
The tool we designed is meant for tech-savvy people with background in cybersecurity. It is supposed to be used as a classification device, to note changes in data across multiple devices and inform when unusual activities happen.
MinerEye Data mining screen
Data mining screen
The challenge
This design was challenging in particular, because the main screens had to represent big amounts of data but still be readable and graspable. Many tones and gradations of color were tested before I reached the final variation.

Another point in the design was when my client asked for a “wow” effect and this made me wonder how to deliver it. The solution was a 3D representation of the data, which definitely gives a complete  “wow factor”. This was the only place where we diverged from practical usability for the sake of good looks.
MinerEye Data mining screen breakdown
Data mining screen breakdown
Logo design
The logo represents onion-skin approach to data classification and an eye-shape reminds that the system is watching data for you. Light green tones are associated with technology in general.
MinerEye Logo design
Logo design
Icon design
Special icons were created to represent different data types, user types, groups and other details.
MinerEye Icon design
Icon design
After a while from completion of the design of the product, logo and website, the startup has gotten an angel investment.
Final thoughts
This futuristic interface work was a lot of fun but also a big challenge, because in order to do it right I had to understand the product inner workings and participate in the UX meetings and initial UX concept creation.
Designed at Inkod
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