My name is Mark and I am a product designer, entrepreneur and healthy lifestyle enthusiast. You have a product and don’t know how to make it pop? I do! You made an MVP and it looks poor? I can help! You have a tech idea but no visuals to present it? Ask me how!


My “I believe”:

I believe in efficiency, and try to save my clients time and money. If there is a change in approach that can save my client time and money – I point it out, and if there are possible obstacles I point them out as well. One key component of how I work is high speed and communication level – keeping in touch at all times and delivering in small steps. Sort of an Agile design approach.

I believe in total service so if we work together, I take care of all things related to the visual aspect be it your logo, web design, native app, t-shirts or marketing campaign graphics. What’s included? photo retouching and manipulation, copywriting, print production, HTML and CSS, wordpress, animation, prototypes, wireframes, art direction, brand management, marketing consultation and user experience.

I believe that design, advertising and marketing are different sides of the same thing. Keeping this in mind during my work process helps drive your business to success.


My education:

I have a technical diploma (Practical Engineer of Computer Science) and an arts school degree (Bachelor of Design). This helps me find better solutions for any tech or design related problem. I know development and design. These skill sets are crucial to forming a strong base for product design. I am autodidactic so I’m always learning new approaches and technologies  and staying current with industry standards.


How I ended up in product design:

I’ve always loved inventing new things, and was always very artsy. Even when I studied computer science, my final projects were games, moving graphic objects, animation etc. I realized that I wanted to deal with the visual aspect more than others and dedicated my time to thoroughly study it. Then Internet 2.0 happened and it became evident I can utilize my technical knowledge together with my love for visual arts. When I finished my studies the internet industry was at a highly developed state (2010) so I was changing jobs, learning new skills, getting a lot from colleagues and friends in the industry. I loved it then and I love it now


Why freelance:

I like to work directly with businesses. I like to hear new ideas and help “grow” concepts into products. Being an independent freelancer allows me to do this with more integration and involvement, with no middle men in the way. I like to think of myself as “the Wolf” from Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” — you have a problem and I can solve it.


Areas of speciality:

Product design, product concept, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), wireframes, mockups, interactive prototypes, marketing design, promotional design, startup presentations and investor decks.

I solve design problems — from logo to big-data analytics and cyber-security dashboards.